Ever wanted to grow your own healthy veggies? Ever wanted to just grow plants?

Do you live in a place that has no access to garden? Do you have a garden and want more? Do you want to contribute to plants research?


We provide you with information for the project.

Problem worth solving

All the knowledge people have about growing vegetables is hard to get at one place. Even if we had that platform we would not be able to match it due to differences in ecosystems. Another problem is local access to food. Imagine local food in New York or in Sahara!

Our solution

We are solving those and many more problems with InCubeAtThor. A completely controlled environment that is sealed from external factors and human interference. 100% automated growth system will take care of everything and design of the InCubeAtThor allows vertical farming as well. This is a complete solution for professionals and for newbies. All informations about growth are gathered and processed using Machine learning principles. Each attempt of growth gives more insight and different settings allow InCubeAtThor to search for the most optimal growth setup.

The market

Do you know any vegetarians? Ask them if they want to have fresh veggies with no pesticides! This is by far the biggest market and there is no other serious solution for them. Second one is industry. Growing only lettuce can pay back investments in less than two years, including all costs. Third, and the most interesting, Mars. Yes, throw in some air, hydroponic and water and you have everything you need to grow food in space!


Inovation with care.

We care for both environment and state/health of food people eat. Here is more about our project InCubeAtThor that could potentialy help save the world!

Faster growth

Better quality

Less water usage



There were three major grow boxes on the market so far. First two came from the same company. First one was just a simple grow box with a grow light in it and with no real control over it. Second one was improved version but still nothing that crafty people could not do at home. Third grow box was presented on Kickstarter and got very good financial support. They did not delivere to their backers and they are selling theirs for growing Marijuana. All grow boxes were not meant for serious usage and they were very limited in diversity. Not one had enough control or willingness to make a very good product.

Why and how our solution is better

1) The biggest advantage is sharing of knowledge. With each growth attempt, return information are gathered and based on them growth process is adopted.
2) With this approach even beginners can start growing their own food!
3) InCubeAtThor design allows vertical farming and reducing footprint for growing.
4) Establishing community that works as a team, not as competition.

The target market

Vegetable growing industry. The U.S. fruit and vegetable market was valued at USD 104.7 billion in 2016. It is predicted to increase to over USD 1000 billion in 10 years. With less than two years return on investment for each InCubeAtThor industries can achieve a massive lead over competition.

Future plans

We hope other companies will have similar products to help convince people that this change is the right change to a brighter future. Everyone can contribute to better food and less food waste. If you see yourself with one of those items then go ahead and contact us. Also if you think we are missing something, you are welcome to send us a reminder!


The latest products, the very first aspect of design

3D Prototip

Industrial Model

3D Prototip

Living Room Model